iStock contributor – yay!

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I’ve recently been accepted as a vector illustration contributor on iStock. This means a selection of my illustrations are available for purchase at a very reasonable rate and can be used as they are or individual elements selected & edited as desired using any vector software like Adobe Illustrator.

Very small start, and a challenge to know what & when to produce – both in terms of style & subject, but a start nonetheless : )

Check out my iStock portfolio here



The Anonymous heART Project – auction now OPEN

mild mannered things


I’ve submitted an original piece of artwork to @heartresearchuk ‘s #anonartproject – all pieces will be auctioned on eBay from now until 11th November to raise money to take on heart disease.

Check it out!

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L&N’s wedding illustration

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I haven’t been to many, but I love a good wedding. That little nugget of a golden day, either playing out perfectly or hiccups-a-plenty, when you get to see someone you love get flooded with it from all corners. Leonie & Nick’s was proper. I laughed, I got a bit weepy, and a bit tipsy, and I did the conga! Thank you so much for such an amazing day shared with the two of you.

The invites, the dress, the flowers, the food, everything was perfectly designed from start to finish, even her p’interest board was beautiful! I wanted to create them a special gift, a wedding illustration that fit in with their vision for the day, their own sense of style, and things that were personal to them as a couple. I think they liked it 🙂