Seasonal beasties 2023

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Been enjoying exploring new colour palettes & a more graphical style lately, so thought I’d try & create a monthly calendar wallpaper for you to pimp up your devices.

Jan available below for mobile & desktop & I’ll add more as they’re ready. Please enjoy & share including credit wherever possible. Thanks! : )

iStock contributor – yay!

illustration, mild mannered things, work

I’ve recently been accepted as a vector illustration contributor on iStock. This means a selection of my illustrations are available for purchase at a very reasonable rate and can be used as they are or individual elements selected & edited as desired using any vector software like Adobe Illustrator.

Very small start, and a challenge to know what & when to produce – both in terms of style & subject, but a start nonetheless : )

Check out my iStock portfolio here




digital art, illustration, work


A recently completed commission for ‘Gilead’.
Co-Written by Jo McKinney-Green & Tamsin Urquhart. This is an original production inspired by Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ & was performed for Brighton Fringe 2014.
An illustration with the right drama took some development for such a powerful production. Here are a couple of iterations.